Lucky Lindy and the biggest hop of all

Hi, dear old friend. Long time no see (again). This time, as always, because my daily duties took over my online presence and didn’t have time to update my personal diary. It is, however, more than OK, as it has been one of the most productive periods of the last years.

Where should I start? Well, after I stopped writing, just after my Japan trip (which was amazing!) I’ve been extremely busy…having fun! The summer in Holland was unusually good, temperature around 22 degrees, almost no rain at all and sun everywhere!

I couldn’t resist to such weather and I was just jumping from party to party. Spending all evenings (from Monday to Sunday) in places like the Roest, Brouwerij Het Ij, Hanekes Boom, Vondelpark, Amsterdamse Bos. And by the end of the summer 2 of the most amazing events of all summer: the Bloemendal 80s, 90s and 2000s party and the Edelweiss festival. They were both magic and revealing. I really enjoyed them. I love to dance, and I didn’t stop dancing. Mainly in the Bloemendal one. And the DJ was incredibly good!

All that party of course meant that I didn’t go to the gym for months! I think I’ve lost every muscle I had build, but it was more than worth it. Now I should come back…when I have time!

After the summer the routine tried to break through and settle in my life again. I could not help but look for new activities to keep my mind in that thrilling state. So I started my guitar lessons. Guitar-singing lessons. I found a professional guitarist and singer, Joep Berkenbosch, which does exactly what I wanted to do: play guitar finger-style and sing at the same time, ala songwriter. So I started and we connected immediately. He’s really good guitarist and singer, but he’s also really good teacher, which sometimes does not have to be true at the same time.

I’ve been basically learning songs like Bob Marley’s Waiting in vain, Ben E. King’s Stand by me or Beatles’s Here comes the sun. All of them beautiful songs, with brand new chords I never played before and a special need for being able to play the correct rhythm and sing at the same time. Now I’m just planing on going wild….sorry live and play some songs in a public place, most likely with my flatmate, who is an awesome singer!

Then, while trying to get my obsession for the gym back I stamped on the most exciting and awesome dancing lessons I’ve ever had: Lindyhop!

Lindyhop is a dance for swing music from the 20s and 30s. It is fresh, funny, relaxed and quite entertaining. The name of the dance comes (supposedly) from Charles Lindbergh famous Atlantic hop with his plane, the “Lucky Lindy”. On the newspaper the headlines read things like “Lindy hops the Atlantic” and from there, as the dance was becoming popular, adopted the name Lindyhop. I believe not only the dance is really engaging, but the particular lessons I’m taking here in Amsterdam. The school is called Lindyspirit and the teachers, Quinten and Sarah, are really good at getting you into the Lindyhop during the whole lesson. I’m attending now to the second block, 8-count moves, and still love it every time I go. I think it is the first time I go to a course and I forget completely I’m trying to learn something, and just enjoy it!

And last, but not least, as usual, this is starting to be a year with a lot of plans and trips! Next stop, Japan again, specifically Kioto, during the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) and with one of my best friends. The plan: playing some songs to the locals in the bar of a friend of my friend, while enjoying the sushi and the doriyakis! If everything goes well, this will be the first time I bring my guitar on a trip. I’m quite excited!

And on the long term, the low humming of the stick to the Thailand plan…

Hope it does not take me that long to update this blog next time!

(hint: also, in the meantime, I’ve started to learn calligraphy….why not!)

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