About me

Roberto Cano bio photo Roberto Cano

I was born in Madrid in 1980. My family lived in a couple of suburbs of this big city until they decided to move away to the lovely Canary Islands. There, under the warm sun and driven by my never-ending search for knowledge, I found the two first true loves of my life, somehow intertwined: computers and videogames.

I was the proud owner of an Atari 2600 and a ZX Spectrum +2A. I learned to get myself lost in the digital worlds of the videogames, and to dive even deeper in the mathematical world of the programming languages.

Years later I was bound to return to Madrid. At the capital again, my passion for computers and anything technological settled, leading me to study Computer Science at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Around those times I found my third and final true love: music. I started learning guitar and singing with some high-school friends, having my own band for a while.

After university I started working as a Computer Engineer always in projects related to Linux, embedded systems and real-time processing (soft and hard). With 12 years on my shoulders I’ve touched many technologies ranging from OSes like VxWorks, Unix, Linux or Android, to systems like radars, set-top-boxes, conditional access servers, watermarking technologies or DRM software with Trusted Execution Environment.

In this blog you will find articles and information about my personal own projects or discoveries, as well as personal opinions about the IT market and the future of technologies.